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X-Men 3

What if X3 had been differently written?

Official breakdown:

  • A01: Worthington prelude.
  • A02: Jean Grey, Prof. X and Magneto prelude
  • A03: Danger Room
  • A04: Meeting between the Beast and the President. Beast learns that Mystique has is in jail and that anti-mutant cure exists. Mystique is questioned.
  • A05: Cyclope hears Jean’s voice and leaves the mansion after talking to Wolverine.
  • A06: Beast visits the cure factory and meets Leech.
  • A07: Cyclope at Alkali lake. Finds Jean.
  • A08: Prof. X’s got a psy flash.
  • A09: Beast arrives at the mansion and talks about the cure with Storm, Wolverine and Prof. X. The cure is publicly announced by Worthington Sr.
  • A10: Mutants church. Magneto does a speech and recruit Spike and Calisto. Asks Calisto to find Mystique.
  • A11: Storm and Wolverine at Alkali lake. Find an unconscious and alive Jean.
  • A12: Freeing of Mystique, Madrox and Juggernaut. Mystique is shot with the cure and lose her powers.
  • A13: Prof. X and Wolverine argue violently about Phenix.
  • A14: Beast talks to the president and announce he’s leaving.
  • A15: Jean and Wolverine. Phenix is awoken.
  • A16: Calisto detects jean/Phenix.
  • A17: In Grey family’s house everybody is trying to convince Jean/Phenix to join one’s side. Magneto, Prof. X, Storm, Wolverine, Calisto, Juggernaut and Jean are all there.
  • A18: Angel doesn’t want the cure and escapes.
  • A19: Xavier’s funeral.
  • A20: Magneto, his men and Jean/Phenix in the forest. Magneto miss Prof. X.
  • A21: Beast, Storm and WOlverine talk about closing the school. Angel arrives.
  • A22: Bobby and Kitty skate. Rogue is jealous and leaves the mansion after talking to Wolverine.
  • A23: Wolverine searches Jean in the forest and learns Magneto’s plan.
  • A24: Bobby learns that Rogue is gone. Looks for her and meets Pyro.
  • A25: Wolverine is back at the mansion. X-Men assemble!
  • A26: Madrox in the forest.
  • A27: Golden Gate.
  • A28: First wave. Calisto detects Leech.
  • A29: X-men arrive.
  • A30: Kitty vs Juggernaut.
  • A31: Storm vs Calisto.
  • A32: Magneto and Pyro bomb the defenders.
  • A33: Bobby vs Pyro.
  • A34: Wolverine and Beast trick Magneto.
  • A35: Jean/Phenix unleashed. Wolverine vs Jean.
  • A36: Tombs epilogue.
  • A37: Rogue and Bobby epilogue.
  • A38: Magneto epilogue.

Alternative breakdown:

  • B01: Worthington prelude. Same as A01.
  • B02: Danger Room. Same as A03, or maybe longer.
  • B03: Mystique in a FDA office. She discovers what she was looking for but is stopped.
  • B04: Prof. X, Storm and Wolverine talk about the training, the new recruits and Scott, who left the school after Jean’s death.
  • B05: Beast meets the President. Same as A04.
  • B06: Worthington Sr and Sebastian Shaw talk about the cure. Shaw put money in the project.
  • B07: Beast visits the cure factory and meets Leech. Same as A06.
  • B08: Beast at the mansion and talk about the cure. The cure is publicly announced. Same as A09.
  • B09: Mutants church. Magneto recruits. Same as A10 minus Pyslocke who is not there. Maybe introduce Caliban as a fearful mutant who can detect mutants. Works for Calisto (who consequently doesn’t detect mutants anymore).
  • B10: Angel doesn’t want the cures and escapes. Same as A18.
  • B11: Prof. X is called by Moira: Betsy Braddock, a young telepath who is losing control of her powers has just arrived at Muir Island. She’s currently under drugs to reduce her powers but she needs help from Xavier.
  • B12: Freeing of Mystique and the others. Same as A12.
  • B13: Beast talks to the President and leaves. Same as A14.
  • B14: Angel arrives at the mansion. He discovers that all the students are mutants and happy. He’s introduced to Storm.
  • B15: Bobby and Kitty skate. Rogue is jealous and leaves. Same as A22 but Kitty is only missing her home.
  • B16: Magneto and his men in the forest.
  • B17: Storm is directed a training session for Angel in the Danger Room.
  • B18: Bobby learns that Rogue has left. Same as A24.
  • B19: Colossus and Kitty talk about their countries. Colossus talks about his family in Russia and his sister Illyana.
  • B20: Party at the Hellfire Club. Tessa is leading Worthington Sr to Shaw. Worthington is introduced to Emma Frost, head of the Massachusset Academy. They talk about the cure and the mutant terrorists.
  • B21: Prof. X arrives at Muir with a boat driven by Sean Cassidy. Sean told him about Mystique losing her powers and Rogue leaving. On the island talks a little bit with Rahne Sinclair, Moira’s ward. Then prof. X and Moira talk to Betsy, who doesn’t want to lose her powers. She just want to control them.
  • B22: A mutant from Magneto’s men arrives completely tired at the mansion. He learnt that Magneto wants to kill Leech and he can’t accept that. Tell Magneto’s plan to the X-Men.
  • B23: X-Men assemle. The school is guarded by Tom Corsi and Sharon, the school nurse. Angel wants to go but Storms refuse due to his lack of training.
  • B24: Madrox in the forest. Same as A26.
  • B25: Golden Gate. Same as A27 without Jean.
  • B26: First wave. Same as A28 (with additional Caliban if he exists).
  • B27: X-Men arrive. Same as A29.
  • B28: Kitty vs Juggernaut. same as A30.
  • B29: Storm vs Calisto. Same as A31.
  • B30: Magneto and Pyro bomb the defenders. Same as A32.
  • B31: Bobby vs Pyro. Same as A33.
  • B32: Wolverine and Beast trick Magneto. Same as A34
  • B33: Rogue and Bobby epilogue. Same as A37.
  • B34: Hellfire Club epilogue. Inner Circle. Selene mocks the cure failure and Shaw. Frost prefers to talk about Magneto disappearance. Magneto was an obstacle in the way of the Circle plans. Then talks about the Hellions and the Sentinel project green light.
  • B35: Muir epilogue. Xavier, Moira and Beast talks about the cure, how it worked. The effects are probably short-term.
  • B36: Magneto epilogue. Same as A38.


As you may have notice the structure is not really different from the official movie. All references to Phenix are removed which leads to two positive consequences: no character dies anymore and we get more time for the secondary characters. We especially develop Angel (B17), Colossus and Kitty (B19). At the same time we introduce the Hellfire Club (B06, B20, B34) and we develop Muir Island (B11, B21). Both are important part of the X mythos. Furthermore the Hellfire Club could be perfect villains for sequels as well as Jean Grey’s corruptors. Finally we choose to separate Callisto and Caliban who were amalgamed for no apparent reason (unless Caliban was considered to be to ugly?) and we introduce Rahne Sinclair, Illyani Rasputin and the real Betsy Braddock (who was useless in the movie).

Would a movie based on such a story have been better? Who knows? At least such a movie would probably have less infuriated fans of the comic book.

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