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Astra (EN)


Astra is a game begun for Novendiales 2006 game compo. Theme was gravitation. As the game wasn’t finished at the end of the contest I’ve continued adding missing features.

Goal is quite simple: according to gravitation objects attract each others in function of the product of their mass divided by the distance between them. In Astra you move the gray planet and use gravitation to move the other planets from their starting position to their destination. Default keys are the arrow keys, E key to increase your mass, R key to decrease it.

A level end whenever there is no planet to move anymore. If all the planets are placed then you go directly to the next level. If some planets exploded then you can retry the current level to improve your score. You score points for each planet correctly placed and get a bonus if all the planets are placed.

At the beginning of the game you have 3 lifes. If you lost all of them and decide to continue then your resurrection will cost you some points.


This game requires Python, Pygame and PyXML. It was tested with Python 2.3/2.4 and Pygame 1.7

There is a binary executable available for Windows 32bits available. It was tested with Windows 98SE, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

To launch the game type ./Astra.py or click Astra.exe.


  • 10 levels
  • support keyboard, joystick or mouse
  • user interface usable in English or in French

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